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Current Promotions

Phoroptor VRx
Free Clearchart 4 with the purchase of a Phoroptor VRx… Or a Clearchart 4X for $500... Or a 4P Polarized Acuity System for $1,000!
*If the free Clearchart 4 is not desired, the price of the Phoroptor VRx will be reduced by $1,600 (if order is placed online, a refund will be issued within 24 hours)
Illuminated Ultramatic Rx Phoroptor
Purchase an Illuminated Phoroptor for the same price as an Ultramatic Rx Phoroptor after mail-in rebate. 
iPac Pachymeter
Trade-in any pachymeter for $300 toward the purchase of an iPac Pachymeter
7CR Auto Tonometer
Trade-in any tonometer (except GAT or Schiotz) for $500 toward the purchase of a 7CR
Clearchart 4X/4P
Trade-in a Clearchart 2 for $500 off the purchase of a Clearchart 4X or Clearchart 4P
10% off the Keeler Cryomatic when you trade in any make or model cryo system
Free indirect when you purchase any 3 indirects and trade-in 3 of your old indirects.
Z-Series Slit Lamp
Free limited edition bronze D-KAT tonometer with the purchase of a Z Series slit lamp.
Desktop Slit Lamp
Free Keeler Desktop Slitlamp when you buy any 3 Keeler Desktop Slitlamps (K, Q, or Z Series) digital or non digital and trade-in 3
$1,300 instant rebate with the purchase of a Pulsair Desktop NCT
$600 trade-in on any tonometer


Discounted pricing on select handheld instruments:

BETA 200 LED Ophthalmoscope

BETA 200 Retinoscope

BETA NT Rechargeable Handle


Free Reliance 5346 stool with the purchase of a chair and stand.
Free Reliance 5346 stool and Free corresponding tonometer with the purchase of a chair, stand, and slit lamp.
Trade-in your existing Humphrey Field Analyzer for:
Humphrey Matrix Model 800..........up to $4,500
HFA Model 740i Series w/table.......up to $6,500
HFA Model 745i Series w/table.......up to $7,000
HFA Model 750i Series w/table.......up to $7,500
HFA Model 860 Series w/table........up to $15,000
Trade-in your existing Zeiss IOL Master for:
Zeiss IOL Master 5.4 w/table.................up to $6,000
Zeiss IOL Master Model 500 w/table.....up to $12,500
Zeiss IOL Master Model 700 w/table.....up to $25,000

CV-5000S Automated Vision Tester
Free PC-50S LCD High Resolution visual acuity chart with the purchase of a CV-5000S.
Free CL-300 with the additional purchase of a KR-800, KR-800S, KR-1, or KR-1W Auto Refractor.
CT-80 Non-Contact Tonometer
$1,000 mail-in rebate for customers who purchase the CT-80 Non-Contact Tonometer.
IS-5500 Exam Lane Package
Includes: IS-5500 Stand, OC-2200 Chair, Exam Stool
Options include: your choice of Vision Tester, Slit Lamp, and Acuity System
Prices start at $15,650