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Keeler Wireless Vantage Plus Complete - Optics Incorporated

Wireless Vantage Plus Complete
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    Manufacturer Part Number: 1205-P-1020

    Our new convertible technology offers you the choice between a neutral 4,000K LED for longer life, better contrast, and whiter light or a 3,800K traditional bulb (purchased separately) in the same product.

    - Wireless Unit
    - Slimline Battery with Charger and 2 Batterires
    - HiMag™ Lens and dimmer control

    The New Vantage Plus. With great new features that really add up!

    The PLUS gives you

    P Premium intelligent optics
    L Lighter weight and brighter images
    U Unique wireless patented technology
    S Smaller and more compact size

    The new desktop or wall mountable charger remains as durable as the Standard Wireless with the facility to store your extra battery in the top compartment. The charger has an easy release button to remove your extra battery.

    Unique - Intelligent Optical System (IOS patent pending)
    At last - now when you change the aperture the optics and mirrors automatically adjust for you, without the need to flip another lever!

    Keeler has designed this unique one step movement to make your examinations easier and faster. The (IOS) mechanism (patent pending) means that when you select the small, medium or large aperture the optics automatically adjust, providing 3 dimensional stereoscopic views of the retina through all pupil sizes

    Large Pupil
    When looking through a large fully dilated pupil the optics are separated and the light source remains in the upper position, achieving maximum stereopsis.

    Intermediate Pupil
    The observer's pupils can be moved until the best fundus view is achieved. The light source can be positioned where required.

    Small Pupil
    When looking through a small pupil the optics and light source can be converged, achieving maximum stereopsis

    15% lighter and 20% smaller
    The Vantage Plus uses advanced textured engineering materials, providing a lighter, smaller and more compact instrument without compromising the renowned Keeler reputation for robustness, reliability and quality.

    Comfortable and perfectly balanced
    A new soft cushioned headband has been designed to maximise comfort, it adjusts and balances perfectly to suit all head shapes
    and sizes.

    Unique - Go Wireless patented technology
    Total freedom - our patented wireless technology leaves
    you free to move around without any wire or cord constraints. This is a great "wow" feature that doctors love.

    Double the life of your battery
    A great benefit if you are examining all day - you can
    now be confident that you will always have power.

    The new HiMag™ (patented) lens just slides on and off with ease
    This unique feature is only offered with the Vantage Plus indirect. It gives you a 1.6X additional magnification than with a condensing lens, providing superb stereoscopic images.

    Scratch resistant coated optics guarantee high quality images at all times and HiMag™ can be simply flipped out of view when not required.

    The new teaching mirror just slides on and off with ease allowing two
    observers to view the retina at the same time.

    All Vantage Plus units come standard with a HiMag™ Lens and dimmer control.

    PD Range: 48 - 76mm

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