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Three Mirror Laser Lens-Volk-Optics Incorporated

Three Mirror Laser Lens
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    Manufacturer Part Number: V3MIR, V3MIRANF+, VU3MIR, VU3MIRANF+

    Primary Application:
    Anterior Chamber and Central and Peripheral Fundus Diagnosis and Treatment

    Features & Benefits:
    Viewing mirrors are accurately angled to eliminate gaps in the visualized fundus

    No flange option is ideal for use on infants or patients with narrow palpebral fissures

    Flattest mirror surfaces minimize image distortion

    Lightweight, solid plastic design

    *Comes with a single lens case



    field of view

    image mag

    laser spot

    contact diameter

    3 Mirror 60°/66°/76° 1.06x .94x 15mm

    *Lenses with custom engravings are non-returnable

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