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Octopus Perimeter Machines

These Octopus Perimeter machines provide your office with the ability to perform a multitude of ocular tests with just one machine.

The 600 model performs all commonly used static tests in just a couple of minutes to ensure your appointment times are being used effectively. It also comes equipped with glaucoma testing that can be completed in under a minute.

The 900 model still has all the common static tests, but it is upgraded with a custom test function that allows you to craft any additional tests your office might need. The machine also can immediately detect different levels of change in the patient’s eye. It can register if the change is localized or diffused and also how fast the change is occurring and graph the results for you. The glaucoma testing is still included as well; however, this model has a higher sensitivity to detect changes.

Whichever of these Octopus Perimeter machines are best for your office, you can rest assured knowing they are both high-quality pieces of equipment that allow for faster, more accurate testing.


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