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Stereo Optical Stereo Fly Test - Optics Incorporated
Stereo Optical

Stereo Fly Test
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    Manufacturer Part Number: 001

    Stereo depth-perception tests, such as the Stereo Fly, have proven to be an effective and easy-to-use method of screening vision for all ages. They help to identify vision problems and conduct stereopsis, amblyopia, suppression, and strabismus testing, each of which can impede a child’s development and performance.
    Recognized as the standard for Stereo Depth Perception testing, the Stereo Fly allows for easy administration and evaluation of both gross and fine stereo vision. This test is designed so that it is easy to administer. All items of the Stereo Fly test are manufactured with high quality materials, ensuring sharp long lasting images.

    • Evaluate both gross stereopsis (355 to 700 seconds of arc) and fine depth perception
    • Graded circle test (800 to 40 seconds of arc)
    • Animal test for children (400 to 100 seconds of arc)

    Test includes:
    • 1 pair of Standard 3-D Viewers
    • Answer key on back cover

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