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Stereo Optical Projector Slide (Multiple Options) - Optics Incorporated
Stereo Optical

Projector Slide (Multiple Options)
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    Manufacturer Part Number: 8800 (Multi-Acuity), 8500 (Adult Acuity), 8600 (Child Acuity), 8700 (Family Practice), 8900 (Acuity Vergence)

    Projector-mounted vision testing slides are well-established ophthalmological and optometric diagnostic tools that are indispensable to the modern vision testing professional. All Stereo Optical vision testing slides are printed on a select piece of high-quality clear photographic film, which is then sealed between two sheets of optically-clear glass to guarantee consistently high optotypes and ensure the integrity of each test.


    Multi-Acuity Slide: Snellen, Tumbling "E" and Allen Tests

    Adult Acuity Slide: Snellen, Numbers and Tumbling "E" Acuity Tests

    Child Acuity Slide: Allen, Tumbling "E" and Landolt "C" Acuity Tests

    Family Practice Slide: Snellen, Astigmatic Clock, Tumbling "E" and Allen Tests

    Acuity Vergence Slide: Letter Acuity, Astigmatic Clock, Landolt "C" Astigmatic Square Tests

    *NOTE: Slides Fit: A.O., Reichert, Marco and Woodlyn projectors

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