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Keeler Digital Applanation Tonometer - Optics Incorporated

Digital Applanation Tonometer
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     Manufacturer Part Number: 2414-P-2042, 2414-P-2032

    New to the Keeler product portfolio is the Digital Applanation Tonometer, (D-KAT).

    Designed and manufactured in the UK to the same exacting standards as all Keeler products, the Keeler D-KAT delivers reliability and ease of use.

    With its LED display and internal electronics it allows for the fast accurate measurement of IOP, (intraocular pressure). Now available in Ziess Type and both R & T Type variants. The R type can be fixed to the slitlamp. The T type is removable and is convenient to use on multiple slit lamps.

    With less moving parts, the D-KAT is more reliable, accurate and recalibration takes just seconds.

    -The R type can be fixed to the slit lamp.
    -LED display for ease of use in darkened environments
    -Lightweight and portable
    -Display reading to 1 decimal point
    -Low battery usage
    -Less moving parts, meaning increased reliability and less maintenance

    Exceptional Optics
    -Market leaders
    -Keeler is renowned for market-leading optics and has been dedicated to optical design and manufacture for nearly 100 years.

    Customer confidence
    Our customers have absolute confidence in the quality, accuracy and reliability delivered by our optical designs.

    Advanced manufacturing
    Our advanced design and manufacturing techniques give Keeler instruments outstanding performance.

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