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Reliance 980 Full Power Articulating Chair - Optics Incorporated

980 Full Power Articulating Chair

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 Manufacturer Part Number: 980L

Reach new levels of convenience and patient comfort
As the culmination of more than a century of engineering and design expertise, the 980 is recognized around the world as the leading full-power articulating round-base examination chair / minor procedure table.

We offer high and low base models. 

Step into convenient movements and functionality
Movements have never been easier.

-Pre-select the chair's most used position with the programmable memory-positioning switch.
-Auto return button returns the chair to the upright position from side switches and foot switches.
-Dual controls for base and top functions, either by footswitch or membrane switches on both sides of chair back.
-Finger switches or corded foot switch to raise, lower, or recline the chair.
-Membrane switches and rotation locks allow chair operations from a sitting or standing position with dual side controls.
-Single lock adjustable concave headrest standard with choice of headrest to best fit your practice needs.

Improving patient comfort
-Increased patient comfort as articulating top armrests and chair back move in unison
-Padded underneath for comfort
-Safety switch prevents small children from operating the chair by disabling side and footswitches
-Hydraulic base tested to 600 pounds
-Armrests lock in place
-Release mechanism allows patients to sit or leave from either side of the chair

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