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Roll Up Post-Mydriatic Specs (100/bag)
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    Manufacturer Part Number: 70201 (Platinum Gray), 70201G (Gold Amber)

    Rollens roll-up sunglasses are available in two colors: Platinum Gray and Gold Amber and may be worn behind glasses or by themselves. 

    The Rollens Platinum Gray and Gold Amber lenses are designed to protect the light-sensitive eyes of post-mydriatic patients by blocking harmful sunlight. Both offer 100% ultraviolet protection with only 6% to 8% visible light transmission.

    The Gold Amber glasses also block more than 95% of blue light, making it a good option for individuals who have undergone photodynamic therapy (PDT), also known as photochemotherapy.

    The eye shields also are available for individuals participating in a number of activities, including outdoor sports and travel, where eye protection is important but where glasses can sometimes be forgotten or lost.

    *Free Dispenser with a purchase of 5 Bags

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