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HEINE Exam Room NT300 Charger

NT300 Charger

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Manufacturer Part Number: X-002.99.495


Width 142 mm, Height 61 mm, Depth 66 mm, Weight 235 g.


-Innovative, compact design. Practical and space-saving.

-Two independent charging compartments.

-Complete functionality for one or two handles at a time.

-Automatic charging. Independent of the state of charge of the rechargeable battery.

-2 hours to recharge rechargeable handle with Li-ion L rechargeable battery.

-4 hours for other rechargeable handles.

-Guarantees extended battery life.

-Cannot be overcharged.

-Charger switches off automatically when the battery is fully charged.

-Charge status display: Light pulses from the charging compartment to confirm the charging mode.

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