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Four Mirror Glass High Mag Gonio-Volk-Optics Incorporated

Four Mirror Glass High Mag Gonio
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     Manufacturer Part Number: VG4HM, VG4HMLNF, VG4HMSNF, VG4HMHAN2

    Primary Application:
    Standard Gonio Lens for Static and Dynamic Gonioscopy

    Features & Benefits:
    Crispest, clearest imaging with high magnification to appreciate details previously unattainable with Gonio lenses.

    All glass design provides superior clarity and durability compared to acrylic lenses

    Four precisely angled mirrors provide full 360° views of the anterior chamber

    Available in large or small rings or with 2 position handle to suit personal preferences

    *Comes with a single lens case



    field of view

    image mag

    laser spot

    contact diameter

    G-4 Hi Mag 4x64° 1.5x .67x 15mm

    *Lenses with custom engravings are non-returnable

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