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Reliance 940 Chair Glide - Optics Incorporated

940 Chair Glide
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     Manufacturer Part Number: 940

    ADA-compliant wheelchair access made easy
    This chair mover, along with a low base model Reliance chair, will help you comply with the mandatory requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Chair mover

    Discuss potential tax advantages with your financial professional

    The entire cost of this device may be applied to the tax credit provided by this legislation. Consult with your tax professional for more details.

    -The satin finished, stainless steel base plate works on any floor surface. Centered on the plate, a painted stainless steel track guides the carriage and prevents lateral movement.
    -Heavy-duty stop limits the distance of travel. The track is tapered for better patient access.
    -Steel carriage fits most Reliance chairs.
    -Case hardened steel rollers allow the chair to easily slide out of the way.

    Dimensions and Specifications
    Base plate length: 52’’ overall; wide section: 28’’; narrow: 24’’. Base plate width: wide section: 20’’; narrow: 6’’. Track: 3/4 ‘’ wide x 3/16’’ high x
    52’’ long. Overall carriage length: 29’’. Overall carriage width: 26’’

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