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Haag-Streit Tonosafe Disposable Prisms (100/box) - Optics Incorporated

Tonosafe Disposable Prisms (100/box)

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    Manufacturer Part Number: 5805080

    Tonosafe are designed for single use, without compromising the performance of Goldmann Applanation Tonometers. Tonosafe reduces the risk of cross infection between patients and improves productivity by freeing doctors and nurses to focus on productive and important tasks.

    Easy to use.
    The Tonosafe prism and holder combine to have the same mass as the Goldmann prism, so no conversion of results is needed.
    Improves efficiency. Positing the prism is quick, and the optical clarity provides a superb view of florescent semi-circles.
    Provides extreme accuracy. Calibrated to Goldmann standards, Tonosafe can be used in Goldmann and Perkins tonometers.
    Clinically validated by many papers over a 10 year period. Salvi et al. (2004) reports that it may be used for screening plus routine clinical use.

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    • Please advise if you have 10 boxes of the below in stock. If not, please let me know if you have any physically in stock as I understand there is a manufacturer back order. Tonosafe™ Disposable Tonometer Prisms Item# CC5805080

      Unfortunately, we do not have any currently in stock. However, we are expecting to receive more in next week.