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HEINE Exam Room BETA 200 3.5V Retinoscope

BETA 200 3.5V Retinoscope

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 Manufacturer Part Number: C-002.15.353 (Standard), C-002.15.353T (Twist-Lock)

The most important feature of a Retinoscope is the brightness of the fundus reflex it produces. To ensure the brightest streak possible, HEINE has combined the power of advanced 3.5V XHL Xenon bulb technology, the latest in multi-coated optics, and our exclusive Integrated Polarizing Filter (which eliminates all internal reflexes, stray light, and secondary images without reducing illumination). The result - quick and easy detection of the neutralization point.

-Patented ParaStop Setting.
-Precise selection of a parallel illumination beam. Simplifies and speeds up the precise detection of cylinder axis. Also serves to simplify the verification of the cylinder correction after refraction.
-Single control sleeve for vergence and rotation.
-Easy to operate by thumb.
-Integrated Polarization Filter eliminates internal dazzle and stray light.
-For more precise Retinoscopy.
-Streak or spot Retinoscope simply by changing the bulb.
-100% Dustproof Housing^Maintenance-free operation.
-HEINE XHL Xenon Halogen bulb and high quality, Multi-Coated Optics.
-Bright fundus reflex, easier recognition of neutralization point.
-Converts from Streak to Spot Retinoscope by simply changing the bulb.
-2 Scopes in one Fixation card attatchment.
-Ideal for dynamic Retinoscopy.

*Handle not included

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