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Topcon OM-4 Ophthalmometer - Optics Incorporated

OM-4 Ophthalmometer
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    Manufacturer Part Number: 16005

    The TOPCON OM-4 Ophthalmometer (Sutcliff Type) is a compactly designed and easy to use professional instrument providing precise objective measurements of the corneal radius of curvature plus accurate measurements of the radius of curvature of contact lenses. Instrument features include:

    Internal scale reading system with extended range
    Besides the mire images, the millimeter scales for the radius of curvature and the diopter scales for the corneal refractive power, of both vertical and horizontal axes are viewed in the field of view at all times, thus greatly speeding up measurements
    Measurement of corneal astigmatism
    Comeal astigmatism is easily detected. Horizontal displacement of the mire images indicates existence of astigmatism. The axis rotating handle is used to coincide the measuring head with the axis, after which the vertical and horizontal knobs are used to coincide the mire images, showing the great ease and simplicity of one position measurement.

    Speedy one-position measurement
    While measuring one of the principal meridians, the other principal meridian is also measured at the same time, which means that it is not necessary to measure both principal meridians separately in the case of corneal astigmatism. Thus it's truly effective in reducing measuring time, it's more accurate and also helps promote patient's cooperation.

    Highly precise instrument
    Mire images are very sharp and easy to coincide, producing measurement results with a minimum of individual variations.

    New, Omni-Directional Joystick for unprecedented maneuverability
    Easy, one-handed vertical, horizontal, diagonal adjustment improves performance while decreasing fatigue. This is only one of the new features that makes the TOPCON OM-4a highly desirable ophthalmoscopic instrument for the busy practitioner.

    Wide range of measurements
    The range of measurement is extremely wide, with the millimeter scale covering 5.5 to 12.0mm and the diopter scale covering 60 to 28 diopters

    OM-4 Specifications

    Type: Sutcliff type
    Corneal radius of curvature :
    5.5 to 12mm
    Minimum reading:
    Corneal refractive power: 28.00 to 60.00 diopter
    Minimum reading:
    0.125 diopter
    Axis of corneal astigmatism:
    0 to 180°
    Minimum reading:
    Diopter adjusting scale: 0 to +5 diopter


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