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Topcon CV-5000S Powered by M&S Smart System - Optics Incorporated

CV-5000S Powered by M&S Smart System
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     Manufacturer Part Number: 13081KMS2020

    Topcon and M&S take computerized vision testing to another level with the integration of the M&S charts and acuity testing into the CV-5000S. Utilizing this optional feature in the CV-5000S System, you can display the M&S charts directly on a Topcon PC-50S or existing M&S 20/20 System without the additional computer hardware. All M&S chart functionality and special testing is controlled directly from the KB-50S dial controller so there is no need for a separate remote. 100% of the exam tests are documented by the CV-5000S and can be exported to your EMR.


    • Quick Automatic Measurement and Analysis
      • M&S software and charts are fully embedded in the Topcon CV-5000S eliminating the need for the use of the remote for any test.
      • 100% of exam tests are documented by CV-5000S and can be exported to your EMR.
    • One touch “wheel chair” distance setting
      • The one touch “wheel chair” distance icon instantly changes all charts from your standard chart distance to the specified wheel chair distance setting.
    • Peer-reviewed and science-based testing
      • Used daily in over 65 universities and schools, M&S tests, algorithms and protocols have been peer-reviewed and tested by key professionals and scientists in the industry.
      • All charts are calibrated to the ANSI and ISO specifications for vision testing and recognized by the FDA as an acceptable instrument for use in clinical trials.
    • Complete M&S 20/20 Software and charts are available or get individual chart packages based on your specific needs.
      • Individual chart packages available include: Pediatric, Refractive, and Clinical Trial.
    • Available Charts and Functions:
      • Allen Pictures
      • Astigmatic Dial (Customizable)
      • Blank Screen Control
      • Color Vision Screening
      • Crowding Bars
      • Cycling Lines
      • Dancing Bear Fixation
      • Dual View
      • Enhanced Anaglyph Random Dot Stereo Testing (Customizable)
      • Fixation Disparity
      • Fixation Dot, Stimulus
      • Full Randomization
      • HOTV
      • LEA® Symbols and Numbers
      • Mirrored Lane Compatibility
      • Optotype Pointer
      • Patient Education
      • Red/Blue Distance Stereo (Standard)
      • Red/Green Duo-Chrome
      • Secondary Default Line
      • Optotype Size to 20/1600
      • Single Vertical and Horizontal Line
      • Snellen and Sloan Letter Sets
      • Three Line Same Size Display
      • Tumbling E's

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