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CP-770 Automated Projector-Marco-Optics Incorporated

CP-770 Automated Projector
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     Manufacturer Part Number: 6070

    Sophisticated new design is much smaller and lighter than previous models. New maintenance-free LED illumination system produces a brighter, more consistent high-resolution image. Instant random access of 33 popular charts via infrared remote control. Smaller, more streamlined remote control is more comfortable to handle. Chart masking buttons allow the user to isolate individual lines horizontally, vertically, as well as individual letters, numbers, and characters. Two "maneuvering" buttons allow the user to move up or down the Snellen acuity range a line at a time in a horizontal mask. Three programming buttons isolate separate programs for individual users.

    • An individual red/green chart, and a separate red/green filter is also provided.
    • 11 speciality / polarization charts
    • 9 Snellen charts (5 20/20 lines, 3 20/15 lines, 2 20/10 lines)
    • 5 Numbers charts (2 20/20 lines, 1 20/15 line, 1 20/10 line)
    • 4 Illiterate E charts (2 20/20 lines, 1 20/15 line, 1 20/10 line)
    • 3 Children's charts (1 20/20 line)
    • New modern wall and table mounts include a unique tightening system

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