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Neitz Instruments Contact Gauge CGX-3 LED Radiuscope - Optics Incorporated
Neitz Instruments

Contact Gauge CGX-3 LED Radiuscope
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 Manufacturer Part Number: CGX-3

The Radiuscope, also known as a Radiusgauge, provides measurement of contact lens radius in 0.01mm increments. The Neitz ContactoGauge CGX3 Radiuscope is equipped with an extremely accurate, easy to read digital gauge, which is configured to measure contact lens thickness as well. Dual knobs allow coarse and fine focusing, with a measurement range of 0~24mm radius. The Neitz CGX-3 Contacto-Gauge Radiuscope features LED illumination with 6 step dimmer, which ensures a reliable, bright, clear target and eliminates the hassle of replacing bulbs. Another benefit is that all cords/wires are contained within the instrument. The microscope offers 75x magnification and a 45° monocular eyepiece which pivots for multiple users in a lab or teaching environment.


-Eliminates the hassle of replacing bulbs by using LEDs as its light source.
-A large display has been utilized to improve the visibility of measurement values.
-Can measure the radius of a contact lens curve in 0.01 mm steps.


-Dimension(Main Body): 175 x 240 x 420mm
-Weight(Main Body): 5.5kg
-Microscope part:
-Type: Monocular or Binocular 45 degrees slant type
-Magnification: 75 times
-Measurement Gauge part:
-Display: LED 4 rows display
-Measuring Range: 0~24mm
-Unit of Measurement: 0.01mm
-Illumination part:
-Brightness Adjustment: 6 level


-Main Body CGX-LED
-Concave Lens Mount
-Convex Lens Mount
-Steel Ball for Test (R 7.5mm)
-Eye Shield
-Dust Cover
-AC Adapter
-Power Supply Cord

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