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Phoroptor® VRx - Digital Refraction System
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    Manufacturer Part Number: 16241, 16242

    Smallest design. Biggest impression.
    See more of your patient. See more patients. 

    With the most compact digital refractor head available (12.2 W x 8 H x 2.8 D in. at a 64 mm PD), Phoroptor VRx is non-intimidating and allows for greater patient visibility. The sleek, refined and high-tech styling of Phoroptor VRx will impress all your current patients and help gain new ones. 

    More cylinders. More horsepower.
    Jackson Cross Cylinder, Smart Cylinder, and Split Cylinder 

    Refinement of cylinder power and axis can be accomplished using the familiar Jackson Cross Cylinder or the innovative Smart Cylinder method where cylinder power and axis are automatically bracketed based on the amount of cylinder in the patient’s prescription. Phoroptor VRx also features a Split Cylinder mode, where patients are simultaneously presented with two targets.

    Selectable drive modes.
    Pre-programmed & programmable tests.

    To increase efficiency and allow refraction to be delegated to trained technicians, Phoroptor VRx has pre-programmed and programmable test options. You can choose from pre-programmed tests including astigmatism, phoria, binocular balance, and near vision. Customize up to four user programmable sequences that can be easily modified or conveniently shared between Phoroptor VRx systems.

    Automatic headlights.
    Illuminated near point

    The RotoChart near point card is automatically illuminated, with two available brightness levels, when the reading rod is lowered into position.

    Well connected & plays well with others.
    Connectivity to pre-screening and acuity devices.

    Phoroptor VRx seamlessly connects to Reichert lensmeters, auto refractors, and acuity systems, such as ClearChart 2 and ClearChart 3P, along with a comprehensive list of non-Reichert compatible devices. (See Specifications).

    Bluetooth® comes standard.
    Wirelessly connected.

    Bluetooth is built into the Phoroptor VRx Central Unit and Reichert Bluetooth adapters (see Specifications) can be paired to connect an external instrument wirelessly.

    Standard Included Accessories:

    -Dust Cover - Phoropter Head
    -Dust Cover - Controller
    -Phoroptor Cable
    -User’s Guide
    -Decimal Card Holder or Snellen Card Holder
    -Power Cord 115V or Power Cord 230V
    -Card Beam Assembly
    -Card Illuminator
    -Face Shield Kit (2 sets)
    -Quick Reference Card

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